This is an example of a Blog post title.

Does your website include a blog? If not, it should! And if you have one, it should be updated often with relevant content to maximize SEO.

Blogging increases your brand as a real estate provider and helps keep your client’s informed.

Every AgentPlug website includes an optional self-managed blog. Using a simple web interface, you can create real estate related blog posts and keep your client’s informed.

How Blogging Increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google has developed automatic algorithms that rank your site. They send out what are called “spiders” to “crawl” your site and check it for over 100 indicators that determine whether your site is valuable or useless. These indicators include things like back-links, domain age, traffic and fresh content. Having a blog is the best way to ensure you site has fresh and relevant content.

Blog Styles

We offer six (6) different blog views, including a Timeline view, which this blog utilizes. Depending on your preferences, you may prefer a large view, grid view or alternative views. No matter, we can show you all the different styles when you sign-up and we can easily switch between styles with no effort.

Blog Posts

Your blog posts should reflect your services and the areas which you serve. Each post should have a min of 300 words, a title and a featured image (photo). Using keywords relevant to your services is important. Example: Having a heading called “Best Real Estate in Calgary” is a great heading because it mentions two keywords, Real Estate and Calgary. If you are a Realtor in Calgary, this post would benefit your overall site SEO score.

As for content, you don’t have to be a writer to maintain your own blog. You can copy/paste real estate articles from around the web, just be sure you credit the source in your post and you’ll be golden.

How To Start?

When you sign up for AgentPlugLite or AgentPlugPro, you’ll be asked if you want us to include a self-managed blog. If so, we will setup the requirements on our end and send you an email with detailed instruction on how to blog to your website.